WILD11: Call for Abstracts (Science & Stewardship Symposium)


Response Requested by August 16, 2019*

*We will continue to accept abstracts and proposals for sessions until space and time is full, no later than September 15, 2019.

WILD11’s central theme is “Nature-based Solutions For Life, Livelihoods, and Love,” with emphasis on strengthening international commitments; advancing nature-based solutions for wilderness, climate, and communities; and sharing scientific knowledge about Nature Needs Half/Global Deal for Nature initiative (https://wild11.org/). Topics discussed in the 11th World Wilderness Congress will explore two broad questions at the heart of international decision-making and planning around wilderness: how much wild nature do we need to survive and how do we achieve it? Some broad topics anticipated to contribute to Congress objectives include advancing our knowledge and cooperation related to the following subthemes and examples:

Visions for Wilderness:

  • Nature Needs Half/Global Deal for Nature

  • World Heritage & Wilderness

Protecting Wildness & Naturalness:

  • Wilderness and Big Cats: economics, conservation goals, collaboration

  • Arid grasslands: biodiversity, revival, resilience

  • Deep ocean and Coastline Protection

Human Engagement with Wilderness:

  • Wilderness as a Cultural Landscape: indigenous meanings, evolving meanings, traditional governance

  • Nature-based education: storytelling and urban communities

Wilderness Inventory & Monitoring:

  • Wilderness definitions, attributes and mapping
  • The Relationship Between Long Term Ecological Research and Protected Areas

Wilderness Designation & Stewardship:

  • Implementing IUCN Category 1b Guidelines (Wilderness): Asia
  • Rewilding: restoration of free-willed ecosystems
  • Connectivity Conservation Under Climate Uncertainty

Wilderness & Society:

  • Conservation Campaigns and Movement Building
  • Journalism/Social Media as a Conservation Tool
  • Travel & Tourism Philanthropy

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