Photo © Jed Weingarten / Wild Wonders of China


Many thanks to our early partners and collaborators who have advanced the 11th World Wilderness Congress during the program consultation phase and the political approval process. The following is just an initial list of most of these people and organizations – it will grow substantially as planning begins in earnest, and Chinese, Asian and global counterparts and collaborators assume their responsibilities. As we enter the next phase of planning and development, if you, your agency, company, community, or organization is interested in becoming a partner to provide support or suggest substantive program content and practical outcomes, please contact us here.



Global Times (People’s Daily)
GT is the Chinese-English bilingual newspaper and website media company under People’s Daily, the largest media group in China.


The WILD Foundation
International conservation organization using collaboration and coalition-building for large-scale initiatives for wilderness, wildlife, and people.


China Institute of Strategy & Management (CISM)
A Chinese government think-tank promoting cultural and artistic approaches to conservation.



The Paulson Institute


EcoForum Global



Wilderness Foundation Global
(South Africa)








Zhang Qian  –  Executive Director

Alex Zhang (Zhang Hai) (Committee Co-Chair) – Executive Director, Eco-Forum Global (China)

Vance G Martin (Committee Co-Chair) – President, Wilderness Foundation Global (South Africa)

Rose Niu (Committee Co-Chair) – Chief Conservation Officer, The Paulson Institute (China/US)

Karl Wagner – WILD11 Director of Communications, WFG (Austria)

Magnus Sylven (Dr) – WILD11 Director of Conservation, WFG (Switzerland)

Alan Watson (Dr) – WILD11 Director of Science; Senior Supervisory Scientist, US Forest Service (USA)

To be nominated – Representative of China Organizing Committee

To be nominated – Representative of China Technical Committee



Rui Yang (Professor) – Chairman, Dept of Landscape Architecture; Tsinghua University, Beijing

Staffan Widstrand – Managing Director, Wild Wonders of China

Ilarion Merculieff – Founder Director, Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways

Harvey Locke – Chair, WCPA/IUCN Task Force on Post Aichi Protected Areas Targets

Cyril Kormos – VP Policy, WILD Foundation; Vice Chair World Heritage, WCPA/IUCN

Andrew Muir (Dr) – CEO, Wilderness Foundation Global

Keith Tuffley – Founder/CEO, NEUW Ventures, Lausanne, Switzerland

Julie Cajune – Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

Russell Mittermeier (Dr) – Chief Conservation Officer, Global Wildlife Conservation

Tim Badman – Director, World Heritage Commission (IUCN)

Mark Halle (Dr)  – Executive Director, International Institute for Sustainable Development

Brendan Mackey (Dr) – Griffith University, Australia; Chair, IUCN Climate Change Task Force

Tashka Yawanawa – Chief Yawanawa Tribe; Brazil

Marisole Bianco – Vice Chair, IUCN WCPA Young Professionals 

Trevor Sandwidth – Director, Global Protected Areas Programme, IUCN

Kathy McKinnon (Dr) – Chair, World Commission on Protected Areas, IUCN

Carlos Manuel Rodrigues – Vice President (Latin America) Conservation International (former Minister of Environment, Costa Rica)

JoAnne Roberts – CEO, Wilderness Foundation UK

Toby Aykroyd – Coordinator, Wild Europe



Lo Sze Ping – CEO, WWF China

Li Quan – Founder/Director, China Tiger Revival

Xaiohai Liu – Conservation International, China

Steve Blake – Chief Representative, WildAid China

Yang Yumin (Professor) – SW Forestry University

Stephen Carver (Dr) – Director, Wilderness Research Institute, University of Leeds

Crista Valentino – Director, CoalitionWILD

Frans Schepers – Managing Director, Rewilding Europe