Photo © Staffan Widstrand / Wild Wonders of China


Through a commitment to inclusive dialogue and determined action, the World Wilderness Congress creates a wilder and better world.

One of the central goals of the 11th World Wilderness Congress (WILD11) is to integrate wilderness into China’s national framework of “Ecocivilization” and to strengthen a belief that wilderness areas – places where nature can exist, thrive, and develop with minimal human interference – are an essential component of a respectful and harmonious relationship with nature, and a necessity for human health and spirit, and for the well-being of all life.

Additionally, WILD11 will strengthen the role of wilderness in global institutions and in United Nations Conventions, and it will help local communities protect and manage the wilderness on which they depend.

The convergence of Ecocivilization and WILD11 is a unique opportunity for both China and its global partners. It will encourage Chinese and Asian commitments to wilderness and strengthen collaboration on international conservation issues.



The World Wilderness Congress is a proven strategy for creating a wilder, more inclusive world. Over its 40-year history it has accomplished many practical outcomes, just of few of which are:

Increased Global Capacity

The World Wilderness Congress leverages regional opportunities to create a unique problem-solving platform that empowers conservation leadership and inspires new and stronger wilderness protections across all sectors of society…political, financial, scientific, cultural.

More Protected Areas

The WWC has directly helped create many new protected areas, including the expansion of the Great Barrier Reef National Park, doubling the size of South Africa’s Baviaanskoof Nature Reserve from 500,000 acres to 1.2 million acres, and reviving and finalizing the creation of the historic, proposed transboundary conservation area between the US and Mexico…over 3 million acres (1.5 million hectares).

Cross-Sector Wilderness Solutions

The WWC has been critical to the innovation and implementation of private conservation areas, including the following: the first wilderness conservation area on private property in Africa, the first declared wilderness in Latin America, and first in the world on corporate lands (the CEMEX Corporation designated the El Carmen Wilderness Area,75,000 acres on critically important habitat). In the financial sector, the 4th WWC created the idea for and prompted the establishment of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) of the World Bank, which has subsequently provided over USD 20 billion for environmental programs around the world.

Inclusive Leadership

Truly effective solutions require buy-in from diverse stakeholders. The World Wilderness Congress is built on an inclusive process that brings Indigenous, business, scientific, political, financial and cultural leaders together to share information, create common strategies, and act on effective solutions.