Mentorship at WILD11

Connecting emerging environmental leaders with veteran conservationists to build the collaborative and cross-generational relationships necessary to tackle our greatest environmental challenges in 2020 and beyond.

Facilitated by CoalitionWILD, the WILD11 Mentorship Program will pair early career and veteran conservationists for the duration of the 8 day conference to combine strong knowledge bases, fresh perspectives, and shared passions. Pairs will have the opportunity to engage in optional programming, be offered suggested sessions or activities to attend together, and will be encouraged to continue their relationship post-WILD11.  Participants do NOT need to attend every day of the Congress to participate.



Mentees will discover how to tangibly contribute to environmental action through meaningful integration into the WILD11 Conference while receiving guidance on navigating complex systems from an individual(s) who hold great institutional knowledge.

*Note: Mentees must be 35 years of age or younger on 26 March 2020


Mentors will support a growing new generation of environmental leaders through sharing information, networks, and knowledge while receiving fresh perspectives and a better understanding of the challenges facing youth today.

*Note: Mentors must possess at least 10 years of experience in a related field.


The program consists of optional activities, opportunities, and scheduling designed to encourage conversation, interaction and integration into WILD11, relationship building, and educational growth.

This will include:

  • A thoughtful and curated pairing system
  • Daily meet up times
  • Daily conversational topic focuses
  • A suggested itinerary of sessions to attend together
  • Documents and a toolkit to support intergenerational dialogues and understanding
  • Group activities/lunches/gatherings
  • Group messaging communications platform


  • Participants do NOT need to attend all days of the Congress to be a part of the Mentorship Program. However, you MUST attend at least 3 days of the conference.
  • Mentors/mentees are expected to be reliable and consistent, to reply to correspondences in a timely manner, to stay positive, to offer feedback, and to commit to being a resource.
  • Commitment to communicating, interacting, and engaging with mentorship partner before, during, and after the WILD11 Congress
  • Mentors/mentees will be paired with a partner of similar interest, with a note that other factors such as language will be considering factors as well. We will be pairing individuals to the best of our ability however we cannot guarantee the perfect pair. It is the expectation of the mentor/mentee to communicate directly with the CoalitionWILD facilitation team if any issues or concerns arise.
  • Mentors/mentees will need to fill in a questionnaire to identify his/her profile and interests.
  • Mentors/mentees will keep the content of discussions within the mentoring relationship confidential. All exchanges –both personal and professional-are subject to the expectations of professional confidentiality. Although this confidentiality is limited, neither should discuss the contents of your discussions with anyone else without the permission of the other.
  • Mentors/mentees understand that this program is a platform, but that the responsibility of the development and engagement of the relationship falls on the pair.


CoalitionWILD is a project of the WILD Foundation that is creating lasting youth leadership for the planet. Developed and led by youth, our mission is to connect and equip young leaders to tackle the planet’s greatest conservation and climate change challenges. CoalitionWILD has a 6-year history of producing knowledge and capacity-building initiatives, delivering mentorship programs, and building communities in 107 countries to over 1,100 emerging leaders. CoalitionWILD uses mentorships and peer-learning to develop and expand young conservation leadership, increasing the capacity of the next generation to solve conservation problems, now and in the future. CoalitionWILD is coordinating youth and young people engagement at WILD11.