Photo © Staffan Widstrand / Wild Wonders of China


When you invest in WILD11, you help establish new awareness and support for wildlife and wild places in China and internationally. Thank you! If you are considering investing in this process, we encourage you to contact an authorized WILD11 international partnership director, as designated by the WILD11 organizing committee: Vance Martin, Karl Wagner, Amy Lewis, and other specifically designated individuals. Thank you again for considering this unique opportunity to improve protection for our wild planet.

WILD11 happens because of the vision and generosity of people like you!  While large institutions certainly play a part in funding the World Wilderness Congress, so do individual donors who value solutions that arise from conservation’s most democratic and inclusive global platform.

Your gift to and investment in WILD11 matters for people and the wild planet upon which we all depend. If you would like to know more about how you can contribute to WILD11 in China at this important moment in history, please contact Amy Lewis: amy at


We recognize and honor our  donors and key people  who had the vision and saw the potential in this initiative when it started, and supported WILD11’s goals throughout the comprehensive consultation and political approval process.

WWF (Netherlands)
The WILD Foundation
Bryant Crane Foundation
Tara Foundation
The Paulson Institute
Magalen Bryant
Rose Niu
Charles Riviezzo
Alan Watson (Dr)
Magnus Sylven(Dr)
Karl Wagner
YANG Rui (Prof)

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