Young Environmentalist Programme

WILD11 invites students of all ages, schools, and universities to participate in the Young Environmentalist Programme. Designed to engage youth through conservation-based activities and presentations, the YEP will spark creativity and initiate conversations on environmental success stories and issues.

The World Wilderness Congress (WWC) is a unique global opportunity that lays the groundwork for successful, long-term conservation efforts The WWC scales-up conservation goals by linking, across national, cultural, and institutional boundaries, grassroots, Indigenous, and emerging young leaders with public land managers and decision-makers to strengthen commitment for the defense of Earth’s life-giving wilderness and the people who need it most.

WILD11’s global programme will amplify urgent calls to protect half the planet through a variety pro-grams and activities, with a focus on the future generations who will be left to face the results of Earth’s current environmental and biological crisis. For the first time ever, the WWC will feature a Young Environmentalist Programme (YEP) that will be hosted alongside WILD11 in Central Park, Jaipur. The YEP will engage students, primary school through collegiate, with conservation-based activities and presentations. WILD11’s Educational Partners, WWF India and Sanctuary Nature Foundation’s Kids for Tigers (KFT) Programme will be leading all programming for the YEP.

Please note, the deadline to register is February 28, 2020.



Celebrating its 50th year in India, WWF India continues its mission of building a future where humans live in harmony with nature. As environmental education is an integral part of WWF india’s programming, WILD11 is pleased to present WWF India as its educational partner for the Young Environmentalist Programme.



Kids for Tigers is an educational outreach programme of the Sanctuary Nature Foundation, that touches the lives of rural kids living right next to the tiger and urban kids across the country. Going way beyond conservation education, the programme is dedicated to ‘leaving kids with a better planet and leaving the planet with better kids’. Inspired through workshops, nature walks, camps and tiger fests, a whole new generation of dedicated conservationists has emerged through the programme.



WILD11 YEP Presenters Include:

  • Crista Valentino, CoalitionWILD
  • Asher Jay, National Geographic Explorer
  • David Quammen, National Geographic Writer
  • Malaika Vaz, National Geographic Photographer (with students from the WILD11 National Geographic Photo Camp in Jaipur)
  • Parcs Canada
  • Rohan Chakravarty, Green Humour Illustrator
  • Conservation Optimism
  • AIMS Global, Pallavi Agrawal, Singapore
  • Jadav Payeng, the Forest Man of India with Rituraj Phukan





Provide opportunities for students to participate in a diverse, global gathering introducing them to conservation issues and leaders in the field


Highlight the importance of strengthening youth voices in environmental and wildlife conservation and global climate change


Empower young emerging leaders to become agents of change at all scales, from their communities to international platforms




Youth participants will engage with international and national conservation leaders, governmental and non-governmental agencies working in wilderness protection, and peers motivated to work in fields of wildlife and environmental protection


Youth participants will be exposed to the rich bio-diversity of India while learning how India is at the forefront of Wilderness


Emerging leaders will be supplied with the tools and confidence to act on the environmental issues that they are most passionate about


Mornings, March 23-25, 2020: Open to all ages

  • Live Streaming of Plenary Sessions lead by top Indian and International conservationists
  • Live presentations lead by participating Govt Officials and leading Indian and International Conservationists at WILD11
  • Visits to WILD Cities Tent and WILD11 Expo

Afternoon, March 23, 2020: Grades 3-8

  • Interactive talk on birds of Rajasthan
  • Special Activity – Fancy Dress Competition: Schools will select bird of their choice to dress as and present on. All students encouraged to dress, with 2 students from each school presenting.
  • Round Table Discussions focused on youth participation
  • Movie Screening: Our Planet

Afternoon, March 24, 2020: Grades 9-12

  • Special Activity – WILD Wisdom Quiz – Each school to nominate (2) teams, with (2) students each
  • Introductory talk about Keoladeo National Park
  • Round Table Discussions focused on youth participation
  • Movie Screening: Our Planet

Afternoon, March 25, 2020: Collegiate Students

  • Presentation on Birding Techniques
  • On the spot photography competition
  • Special Activity – Debate Competition – Seeking teams of (2) students
  • Round Table Discussion focused on youth participation

Every day at the WWF-India Carnival: Open to all ages

Carnival to feature:

  • Interactive Activity Booths
  • Wildlife Exhibitions and Presentations
  • Artwork and Creativity
  • Film Screenings
  • Workshops