WILD11 Outcomes

Solving the nature emergency for life, livelihoods, & love.

Let’s Shape the Future Together!

The 11th World Wilderness Congress (WILD11) was indefinitely postponed due to a global pandemic, a consequence of a broken relationship with nature. A nature emergency, indeed.

But WILD11’s outcomes live on. And there has never been a better (or more urgent) time for you to participate in a global effort to stop business as usual and create the future we want and Earth needs.

This online hub is for you, to help you engage with some of the most cutting-edge proposals in conservation and get to know the WILD11 speakers and conservation visionaries behind them. We are only able to feature here a very few of the hundreds of presentations, symposium technical papers, stories, and outcomes confirmed for Jaipur. A technical proceedings is under consideration. Other major outcomes will also be added to this page.

While 2020 has defied almost all our expectations, one remains: this year is an extraordinary opportunity to change the world and create new opportunities for the protection of people and nature.

The global team behind WILD11 is all in. Are you?

Global Calls to Action

The Story for Our Future

The WILD11 Jaipur Declaration

Survival Revolution

The future is in our hands – it’s time to take action.

Global Rewilding Charter

The UN Decade of Nature Restoration is upon us – here’s how we’ll do it!

Policy Brief on Infectious Diseases

Wilderness, Wildlife, Climate and Biodiversity

Policy Brief on Nature-Based Solutions

The role of wilderness, rewilding & Nature Needs Half

Video Addresses

We have a nature emergency

Aman Sharma

Youth Climate Activist, India

Business leadership for nature

Lord Nicholas Stern

London School of Economics, UK

Xiye Bastida-Patrick

Youth Climate Activist

USA/Mexico (Otomi-Toltec Nation)

Life-giving Seas

Sylvia Earle

National Geographic Explorer, USA

Climate & Biodiversity

Albert II

Prince of Monaco

Pandemics & wilderness

David Quammen

Author, USA

Movements Matter

Bill McKibben

350.org, USA

Indigenous Leadership for Nature


Kayapo Elder, Brazil

We can restore nature

Jane Goodall

UN Ambassador of Peace, UK

Stories of Success: Bhutan

James Brundige

First Light Films, USA

Bonobo Conservation featuring Ashley Judd

James Brundige

First Light Films, USA

Sarika Khanwilkar

Tiger Tracker


Elliot Connor

Young Conservation Leader


Changing Hearts & Minds

End Commercialized Wet Markets

David Quammen, Author

What's Love Got to Do with It?

Vance Martin, WILD Foundation

WILD11 in Sanctuary Asia Magazine

Articles written by numerous authors

Restoring Traditional Landscapes in the Nilgiris

The Toda People of the Nilgiri Hills (South India)

Technical Sessions

Perverse & Environmentally Harmful Subsidies

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Help Shape the Future

Propelling these outcomes on to the agendas of decision-makers around the world is the next step in shaping a better future. And we invite you to help. Please consider making a gift to WILD11 to strengthen ongoing work for a healthier relationship with nature and a better future for all life.